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floral quilt pillow no. 5

floral quilt pillow no. 5

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floral quilt pillows are one-of-a-kind cozy quilty delights!

This pillow is made with a vintage floral quilt and handcrafted with care, providing an eye-catching accent to any couch or bed or chair! This series of patchwork pillows upcycles this found quilt to create a new pillow to enjoy in your space. Both the front and back of the pillow are made with vintage quilts: the quilt fabric is carefully stitched, providing comfort and durability. It's the perfect combination of quality and cozy!

If you look closely, you'll see that each pillow has a different color + pattern combination!

this zero-waste pillow is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. it's stuffed with yarn scraps from Manos del Uruguay and fabric scraps from Lobo Mau.

floral quilt pillow no. 5 is 9" x 19"
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