how it works

Sarah offers 2 personalized course options: a 1-hour Social Media Analysis or a 6-Week Social Media Course.


Choose which option best fits you, while thinking about the needs of your local yarn shop:

  • Are you looking for one-hour, high-impact session to consult with Sarah on targeted areas of growth in your social media presence?


  • Are you looking for a 6-week experience, with Sarah to guide you through your LYS's branding, marketing, and social media strategy?

    With years in the yarn industry focusing on yarn design and color, marketing strategy, and social media management, Sarah is excited to bring her social media skillset to local yarn shops of all sizes.

    • Weekly Meetings

      Each week, you will meet with Sarah virtually to identify your weekly social media goals and how to achieve them, with the overarching theme of reinforcing your shop's branding and messaging. 

    • Focused Goal-Setting

      We will work to increase your social media confidence and know-how. Based on achievable goals we set, targeted tasks will be assigned each week to enable you to create your very own social media toolbox to draw from.

    • Practice Makes Perfect

      By creating a strategy for your Instagram, Facebook, and email marketing platforms, we can use this as a test case to work on your branding, information presenting, image capturing, and presentation skills. 

    • Focus on a Single Question

      Use this one hour to work with Sarah on a specific theme or question that is coming up again and again as you navigate your LYS's Instagram, Facebook, or email newsletter

    • Quickly Discover Insights

      Maximize your time: gain valuable insights within one hour on how to enhance and set achievable goals to improve your LYS's online visibility

    • Perfecting Skills Requires Practice

      Take your tools in hand to feel confident about navigating social media: improve your image capture skills, perfect your tone, polish your branding, and more!