What does 'mish mash' mean?

mish mash means a crazy mix/mumble-jumble/hodgepodge of things. mish mash rugs celebrate unexpected color combinations and are intended to delight with color and shape. follow on instagram to watch the design process unfold!

What is Manos del Uruguay yarn?

For over 50 years, Manos del Uruguay (Spanish, 'Hands of Uruguay') has been promoting the craftsmanship and quality of work of hundreds of independent craftswomen all over Uruguay. The artisans of Manos del Uruguay uphold a high level of craft as they spin and dye luxury yarns.

Manos del Uruguay is certified Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organization, abiding by the 10 Principles of Fair Trade

mish mash is proud to use Manos del Uruguay yarns in all the handtufed rugs.

Rugs or wall pieces?

mish mash rugs can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

floor rug: mish mash rugs are made with 100% wool and can stand normal wear, but still should be cared for to maintain their color and fluffy pile. see below for further care instructions.

wall rug: mounting pieces will be *permanently* affixed to the back of your rug. your rug will arrive with backing adhesive strips and is ready to hang! the adhesive strips should not damage your wall.

How do I care for my mish mash rug?

mish mash rugs are made from yarns handspun and hand-dyed by artisans in Uruguay. treat your mish mash rug with care. vacuuming without the beater bar on a low setting will keep the fibers fresh and not clogged up with dust. if a spill happens, always blot, never rub, with cold water.  here's a starter list of cleaners if you need to remove a stubborn stain. 

Shipping policy?

mish mash rugs ship Monday through Friday. we do our best to fulfill and ship all orders within 2 business days from Wallingford, PA. 


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