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BLUES handmade quilt

BLUES handmade quilt

mishmash textiles

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the BLUES quilt

the BLUES quilt is an ode to my love for color arrangements created in an improvisatory way. i cut all these fabric pieces in blues, greens, olives, grays, burgundy, black; then i dove into all of them and put them together in the moment. the BLUES quilt is an improv work of shapes and color and intended to lean into that chaos.

this is a lightweight quilt intended for use as a wallhanging or as a lap quilt. the improv pieced colors and shapes will keep your eyes moving around the design. you'll be constantly finding new patterns and stories in the design! 

it has been professionally quilted: the stitched design you see is created by a specialized giant machine called a longarm quilting machine, which is operated by a practiced professional. the waves design of the quilt stitches is a calm contrast to the riot of shapes from the quilt design. together they make a push and pull that will continually delight you!

the BLUES quilt measures approximately 48" x 53". 

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