mish mash anti-racism statement

mish mash is committed to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and will donate 10% of profits to the organization forever. period. Black Lives Matter is not a political stance, it's a fact of life. it's time for lasting change; our energy for the anti-racist movement cannot slow down. if it does, just think of the needless death of George Floyd. or Breonna Taylor. or Rayshard Brooks. or Ahmaud Arbery. Or Trayvon Martin. Or Emmett Till. Or any of the Black people whose lives were ended in police hands. Say. Their. Names. 


mish mash supports the people and organizations that are working endlessly and tirelessly to end both racial injustice and police brutality. it's long past time for anti-racism reform: we demand permanent changes in federal legislature for police accountability and transparency; and support Black Lives Matter in their mission in making a safe space for ALL Black lives.


Here are some resources that I've found helpful in learning how to be active in promoting change. LISTEN, donate, educate, and advocate. Join me in vowing to use our voices for justice. Big changes can come from many small changes. Please note this is by no means an exhaustive list; links are provided to click through and learn more. 


Black Lives Matter

American Civil Liberties Union

Act Blue  - one donation is split between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid finds, and racial justice organizers

Anti-Racism Resource Document 

New York Magazine has vetted a list of 137 funds, organizations, and activists here.

Total mish mash has donated as of 9/1/22 to Black Lives Matter:
We're excited to grow this number with monthly donations of 10% of profits.


Books, podcasts, and open conversations with others: it's a start of an education in understanding how racism permeates our society at every level and what we can do to confront it. Below is the NY Times Bestsellers list for the week of 6/21/20 (a sign of the strength of the movement that these works are being so widely read and topping the chart week after week):


NPR has published a list of books, films, and podcasts that work to shed light on racism and power.


I found this painting particularly powerful. Below: 'Say Their Names,' a painting by Kedir Nelson for the New Yorker. learn more about the Black people featured in the painting here.